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Local Sales:

Phone: +96611 2295604 Mobile: +966504155803 Mobile: +966550259990 Fax: +966112295612 Email:

International Sales:

Phone: +966112295604 Ext. 509 Mobile: +966507850383 Fax: +966112295612 Email:

Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals

  • Jeddah Center for Forums and Events
               27 - 30 January 2019
               Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: +966 11 2295604
               FAX: +966 11 2295612

Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC)

REC is a Saudi company specialized in organizing exhibitions, conferences and other business activities. The Company caters to several industries from various economic sectors. In its 33 years, it has organized 440 unique and successful shows and conferences renowned for their innovation, professionalism and attention to detail. REC boasts an international presence, supported by over 120 commercial & industrial bodies from more than 50 countries. Regionally, REC dominates with its wide range of events programs, serving 20 economic and financial sectors in the Middle East. REC’s leading events are certified by UFI.

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